Paldimori Gods Rising Series

Titan Theophanes is the son of the God of Chaos tasked with keeping the balance between light and dark on Earth. Since the fires of creation birthed this world, he has roamed with his brothers and sisters by his side. He was the tyrant warrior creating and destroying as he saw fit, void of all emotions. Until a laughing sprite of a girl tamed his warrior’s heart, and he set aside his sword.


With Lyannia by his side, they have built a peaceful society on the island of Atlantaionia, hidden away from the human world. But not everyone agrees with the new-found peace. The Olympians defy Titan at every turn declaring themselves his equals and gods in their own right. When the Olympians arrive at his castle to pledge their loyalty during the annual winter solstice celebration, he is warned that darkness is coming for his people. Titan will wield his sword once more to defend what is his but not even his powers may be enough to save them. Will he sacrifice it all to save his people and risk changing the fate of the world?

Lia Davies has buried the terror and guilt of her past under a life of quiet routine. But her fragile peace is shattered when vicious accusations destroy her reputation and put her art gallery on the line. When her best friend offers her a way out in the form of a three-million-dollar grand prize, Lia throws caution to the wind and signs up for the Paldimori Games. Now all she has to do is win. 

On the hidden island of Sotiria, Lia soon finds that when gods are involved nothing is as easy as it seems. Especially not when dealing with Chaos—the sexy leader of the six Paldimori Houses. He’s everything she can’t stand; arrogant, condescending, and worst of all, the one man who sees beneath the surface to the woman she thought she buried alongside her parents. 

But when Lia is claimed as a Chosen and sets in motion an ancient prophecy, the games take a deadly turn and teaming up with Chaos may be the only way to make it out alive—if he doesn’t kill her first. Thrust into a world of ancient gods and enemies closing in on all sides, Lia will have to embrace her new-found powers and uncover the truth about her tragic past before it’s too late.

                     Dia King is so close to having everything she’s ever wanted: a                               tenured teaching position, a husband, and a large family of her own                       that she was denied when her mother ran away from their Romani                         tribe to raise Dia on her own. But one rash decision starts a cascade                       of events that crushes her plans and no amount of Skittles can put                         her rainbow-colored dreams back together. Until she receives an                           offer too good to refuse.


Jaxon Baines is the most annoying and handsome man on the planet. His blunt propositions and constant flirting drive Dia crazy but she’ll put up with a lot to get the teaching position he’s offering. Even if it means she’ll have to compete in the mysterious Paldimori Games. But the gods are waking and they have plans of their own.


Claimed as a Chosen, Dia is thrust into a world of ancient powers, ghostly visitors, and betrayals that threaten to break her as it did her mother. Jaxon may be the only one who can help her tame her new powers and survive these deadly games but he’s keeping secrets of his own.

                      Lia Davies should be settling into bonded bliss with her sexy demi-                        god boyfriend Bennett Young —the powerful leader of the                                    Paldimori—but she’s finding out that life as a Chosen is, well,                               chaotic. Haunted by the loss of her friendship with Dia King and the                        quest to find the twin Houses of the Olympian Omàda, her new-                            found powers are more out of control than ever.

A trip to Prometheus, the hidden city of the House of Chaos, should provide the downtime Lia needs to figure out her next move. Instead, she finds herself trapped as a Kyrion-in-training under the reluctant guidance of Bennett’s adviser and childhood friend. A woman who is everything that Lia is not. As Lia struggles to find her place in this demanding world filled with ancient traditions, dark truths begin to surface about the death of her parents and the man she loves. Lia will have to choose between the path she knows and one that could set her on a collision course with the one person she never thought possible.

Paldimori Gods Rising Series Boxed Sets

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