Paldimori Gods Rising Series

Titan Theophanes is the son of the God of Chaos tasked with keeping the balance between light and dark on Earth. Since the fires of creation birthed this world, he has roamed with the other primordial gods at his side creating and destroying as he saw fit. He was the tyrant warrior void of all emotions until a laughing sprite of a girl tamed his warrior’s heart.

With his wife by his side, Titan has built a peaceful society on the island of Atlantaionia. A safe place for their descendants to stay hidden away from the human world. But not everyone agrees with the new-found peace. The Olympians defy Titan at every turn declaring themselves his equals and gods in their own right. When the Olympians arrive at his castle to pledge their loyalty during the annual winter solstice celebration, he is warned that darkness is coming for his people. Titan will wield his sword once more but not even his powers may be enough to save his family and his people.

Lia Davies -  I thought I knew who I was, but everything about my past is a lie. That may be the least of my problems, though, because chaos just derailed my life and I not sure I’ll survive the aftermath.

The small seaside town of Port Lawson was supposed to be the perfect place to drown out the nightmares from the tragic accident that killed my parents. My best friend was here, and I had my art gallery to fill my days with a quiet routine to block out the screams that still haunt me. But when I’m accused of crimes I didn’t commit, the thin veneer of my perfect life is shattered, and my art gallery is put in jeopardy.

It would be crazy to accept a mysterious invitation to join the Paldimori Games to win the $3-million-dollar grand prize, right? Not if you’re as desperate as I am. These Games are nothing like I expected. Still, chariot racing through a magical forest is the least of my problems. There is something about this hidden island that is waking a dormant part of me and putting me at odds with the leaders of the six Paldimori Houses—especially their arrogant ruler, Kyrion Chaos.

When my powers are unleashed, marking me as a Chosen descendant of the primordial gods, the Games take a deadly turn. I’ll have to rely on Chaos to help me stay alive and control my powers. If we don't kill each other first.

Dia King - I was on the verge of having everything I wanted … or so I thought. Too bad my Romany heritage didn’t gift me with seeing the future because all of my dreams just went up in smoke.


Geez, let your students tie one bully to a statue, and you’re fired. My week only got worse from there. Unfortunately, no matter how many Skittles I nosh they aren't going to fix my once rainbow-bright future. Then Jaxon Baines strolls into my small hometown, leaving women swooning in his wake and offering me a solution to my problems. All I have to do is take my best friend, Lia Davies’, place in the Paldimori Games. Against Lia’s advice, I jump in with both feet.

Luckily, I’m a good swimmer because the ghosts, portal hoping, and being claimed by a goddess as her Chosen might be a bit much for anyone. Jaxon—aka Kyrion Eros, the leader of one of the six Paldimori Houses—is supposed to help me navigate this crazy new world but his unrepentant flirting makes me want to bash him over the head—again. Oh well, better the devil you know ... unless he’s keeping secrets that could break me like it did my mother.

5 Star Reader's Choice Review

Lia Davies – I traded in a life of quiet routine to become one of the Chosen in this chaotic world of demi-gods, and I'm having buyer’s remorse.


Bennett, my bond-mate, hides my chocolate and repeatedly drills me on my newly formed powers. Click, the ink pen I accidentally brought to life, is trying to date random objects. And a half-naked god keeps popping into my life at random times with cryptic messages about finding answers to the Chosen prophecy. Worst of all, my secrets may have cost me my best friend, Dia King.

Bennett whisks me away to Prometheus—the hidden city of the House of Chaos—to give me some space. But soon, I’m thrust into the role of Kyrion-in-Training to become his co-ruler. My trainer is everything I’m not—elegant, diplomatic, entirely in control of her powers, and well versed in all of the Paldimori traditions. At every turn, I’m fumbling as I try to balance the duties required to take the throne by Bennett’s side and find the answers I desperately need to help save my new world.

As chaos erupts around me, I realize too late that someone has tried very hard to make sure I’ll never sit on the throne. Truths about my past and my future collide with deadly consequences, and I’m forced to make a decision that could destroy the bond I share with Bennett forever.

5 Star Reader's Choice Review

Coming February 2021!

Kade Downing – This ain’t my first rodeo, but I’ve never come up against someone like her.


I took the biggest gamble of my life when I entered the Paldimori Games months ago to win the grand prize money to put my sister through college and save my ranch. Because I’m not who I’ve been pretendin’ to be. If the enemies my mama warned me about—the descendants of the primordial gods—find out, I’m a dead man. But I’ll do anythin’ to learn how to use my powers to protect my sister.

With two other contestants already claimed by the gods as Chosen, the leader of the House I’m pledged to—the cold yet beautiful Kyrion Gaia—is watchin’ me like a hawk. When my past catches up to me bringin' tragedy in its wake, partnerin’ up with my Kyrion may be the only way to defeat an enemy who’s been watchin’ my every move.


Ariana Dupree – My rules are what I live by, but he might just make me break them all.


As Kyrion Gaia—leader of one of the six Paldimori Houses—I live by a strict set of rules that keep my voracious powers from killing those around me. At every turn, my control is being tested by the chaos Lia Davies unleashed and the Olympians who continue to attack our people.

I believe that the Games play a key role in solving the prophecy that could save our world from destruction but my champion, Kade Downing, is as frustrating as he is charming. I need him focused on winning, even if I have to train him myself. But his infectious smile threatens to thaw the icy fort I’ve built around myself to protect me from those who want to use me for their own agendas. When the web of deceit surrounding me tangles me up in its trap, Kade may be the only one who can help me escape.

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