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Paldimori Gods Rising Series

Titan Theophanes – I was created by the God of Chaos to balance light and dark on Earth, but even my powers may not be enough to save my people from what is coming.

I set aside my sword to become king of the Chaonians—children of the primordial gods—on the hidden island of Atlantaionia. For seven years our people have reveled in the light of peace free from the dark battles of our past, but some believe we have grown weak. When the Olympians arrive to celebrate the winter solstice, a surprising source warns me to beware a darkness that is coming. Even my vast powers cannot pierce the shadows that hide the face of my enemy, but I will wield my sword once more to protect what is mine.

Lia Davies – I'm something their world has been waiting for.

When my placid small-town life is ripped apart, I enter the Paldimori Games to save the one thing that brings me solace from my painful past.

But I didn't sign up for this; being dragged behind a chariot and ordered around by his Holy Hotness—the arrogant leader of the House of Chaos. When I’m marked as a Chosen—one of six powerful descendants of the primordial gods—a prophecy is triggered that could mean the end of this ancient hidden society. Can I work with their arrogant ruler to piece together the clues of the prophecy, or will we kill each other before the Paldimori's ancient enemies get the chance?

Dia King – If I can't learn from the ghosts of my past, I might become one myself.

Take my best friend's spot in the Paldimori Games? Sure. After all, my life is in shambles and I have a Skittles addiction to support.

Kyrion Eros—leader of the House of Arrows—is supposed to help me navigate this new world of gods, powers, and prophecies. But his unrepentant flirting makes me want to bash him over the head—again. When we're accidentally teleported into the middle of a battle with the Omàda, the stakes get a lot higher. Can I control my new powers as a Chosen or will the Paldimori world break me like it did my mother?


5 Star Reader's Choice Book

Lia Davies – The truth could destroy everything.

The Paldimori Gods are rising, and my powers are growing, but I’m no closer to solving the puzzle of the prophecy. Bennett whisks me away to the House of Chaos hidden in the mountains of Montana for what I think is some R&R. Instead, I'm thrust into training to become his co-ruler.

Torn between my duties as a Kyrion-In-Training and as a Chosen, I’m failing on all fronts. When shocking revelations come to light, the life I’ve just begun to re-build is put in jeopardy. Some truths will set you free and some will break you completely.


5 Star Reader's Choice Book

Kyrion Gaia – My duties, my head, and my heart are at war. If I don’t make the right choice, my people might end up in a battle we can't win.


As the leader of the House of Seasons, I must protect my people from the Omàda threatening to destroy us. But our powers are weakening rapidly, and our House will fall if the Chosen of prophecy don’t wake the remaining gods. Kade—my charming yet frustrating champion in the Paldimori Games—could be the key to our salvation but he's hiding something. Can I risk our world on what my heart is telling me or will the web of deceit surrounding me tangle us both up in its trap?

 Kade Downing – Someone wants to make me a pawn in a war I never wanted to join.


When I entered the Games for the grand prize money to save my ranch, I never thought I’d end up surrounded by the enemies my mama warned me about. My family has suffered from both sides of this war and I just want to protect the one person I have left. But someone has been watching me since I set foot on the island of Sotirìa and will stop at nothing to use me for their own agenda.

Lia Davies – Darkness is stalking my every step, drawing me closer to a decision that could end us all.

My new life as a Chosen has been bumpy to say the least, but I may be facing my biggest challenge yet when I’m taken to the city of Nemeseia in Russia to serve out the first part of my sentence for crimes against the Paldimori. There Kyrion Nyx's seven brothers oversee the training of my newly awakened lightning powers. The very first night they drop me from the tower and take bets on which part of me will land first.

As if my bullies weren’t enough to handle, the Omàda have some new tricks up their sleeve and deliver a message that I can’t ignore. Suddenly, the prophecy takes on a whole new meaning that could be the answer to my new blood-thirsty impulses. Will my choices help me save the Paldimori or bring us closer to destruction?

Kyrion Nyx – Time is running out for the Paldimori and me.

As the leader of the House of Night, I always thought I would die in battle, meting out justice to our enemies—the Omàda. But I’ve been captured by them instead. Now the Omàda king visits my cell every day, his dark and deadly powers wearing me down. How much longer can I hold out against him? How much longer before he turns me into a weapon against my own people and destroys our chances of finding the next Chosen?



Anger burns in my veins as hot as my lava powers when I’m forced to compete in the Paldimori Games. I’ve hated the primordial gods since the day my cursed powers got my parents killed. I don’t belong in the Games. I’m not anyone’s savior and I’m damn sure not a Chosen. But when I’m put in charge of rescuing Kyrion Nyx everything I thought I knew is called into question. Can I let go of the past to embrace my destiny?

Zeno Reece – I’ve never belonged anywhere but maybe that’s about to change.

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