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Paldimori Gods Rising Series

Titan Theophanes – I was created by the God of Chaos to balance light and dark on Earth, but even my powers may not be enough to save my people from what is coming.

I set aside my sword to become king of the Chaonians—children of the primordial gods—on the hidden island of Atlantaionia. For seven years our people have reveled in the light of peace free from the dark battles of our past, but some believe we have grown weak. When the Olympians arrive to celebrate the winter solstice, a surprising source warns me to beware a darkness that is coming. Even my vast powers cannot pierce the shadows that hide the face of my enemy, but I will wield my sword once more to protect what is mine.

Lia Davies – My past is a lie, but I’m not sure I’ll live long enough to discover the truth.

The thin veneer of my perfect small-town life is ripped apart when I’m accused of crimes I didn’t commit. And the one solace from my painful past—my art gallery, Whimsey—is put in jeopardy. I’ll do anything to save my business, even enter the Paldimori Games to win the $3-million-dollar grand prize.

On the hidden island of Sotirìa, instincts warn me not to trust anything about this opulent and magical place. Especially not the sexy yet arrogant ruler of the six Paldimori Houses, Kyrion Chaos. But I may not have a choice when I’m marked as a Chosen—one of the prophesied descendants of the primordial gods—and someone tries to kill me. Together we’ll unravel the secrets of my past and my future ... If we don’t kill each other first.

Dia King – My perfectly planned future just imploded, but it’s the secrets those around me are keeping that may be my undoing.

Geez, let your students tie up one bully, and your dream job is in the toilet. When I’m asked to take my best friend, Lia Davies’, place in the Paldimori Games with the opportunity for a big cash prize, I jump at the chance.

On the hidden island of Sotirìa, Kyrion Eros—leader of one of the six Paldimori Houses—is supposed to help me navigate this new world of ghosts and gods. His unrepentant flirting, though, makes me want to bash him over the head—again. Better the devil you know, I guess ... Unless he’s keeping secrets that could break me like they did my mother.


5 Star Reader's Choice Review

Lia Davies – The past is becoming clearer with every new discovery, but sometimes the truth is worse than the lie.


After the fallout with my best friend, my bond-mate whisks me away to Prometheus—the House of Chaos’ home base—for what I think is some R&R. Instead, I’m thrust into training to become Bennett’s co-ruler and planning for our Bonding Ceremony.

No one in this isolated city in the mountains of Montana thinks I deserve the throne, least of all my trainer—Bennett’s childhood friend. At every turn, I’m fumbling my Kyrion-in-Training duties while still trying to solve the prophecy of the Chosen. When truths about my past and my future collide with deadly consequences, I’m forced to make a decision that could destroy the bond I share with Bennett forever.


5 Star Reader's Choice Review

Kyrion Gaia – My duties, my head, and my heart are at war. If I don’t make the right choice, my people might end up in a battle we can't win.


As one of the six Paldimori House leaders, I must protect my people from the Olympians threatening our home. With our powers weakening, I know that’s impossible unless I find the Chosen of prophecy. Kade Downing—my frustrating yet charming champion in the Games—knows more than he’s saying. Can I make the right choice before the web of deceit surrounding me tangles us both up in its trap?


Kade Downing – I’m not who I’ve been pretending to be, and if they find out, I’m a dead man.


When I entered the Paldimori Games for the grand prize money to save my ranch, I never thought I’d end up surrounded by my enemies—the descendants of the primordial gods. Training with Kyrion Gaia has shown me how big of a threat they are to the human world and the sister I left there. I’ll do anything to protect her, but someone knows my secrets. Can I partner with my enemy to save everything that I love?


Coming Jan 2022